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Top Performance Seminar
>  Develop More Emotional Control and    
>  Overcome the self-sabotage that keeps
you from being the best trader you can be
>  Dramatically increase your self-discipline
>  Install 10 tools for handling mental states
>  Learn what it takes to transition your
trading to off the floor successfully
>  Eliminate many of the issues that are
holding you back from top performance

Intuition/ Advanced Seminar
> Learn how to use the success methods of top traders in the world develop your intuition to  
improve all areas of your life, which includes, of course, making more money
>  Raise your vibrations to create more of everything you want in life to transform problems
>  Realize the power in understanding the sacred circuit
>  Understand the secrets of the mystery schools to improve your life
>  Experience the death trip and in the process transform yourself
>  Sensitize yourself to reading auras and learn the value of doing so
>  Experience communion on purpose to learn its value
>  Balance your energy centers to improve your health
>  Learn how to be a healer for yourself and others
>  Expand your intuitive field
>  Integrate the top trader in you

There are those who make a decent
living from trading and then there are
those who make serious money
utilizing the same amount of
time and energy.
Are you one of them?
How much money have you lost by not
following your rules?"

>  Lessons Adrienne has learned to assist you in overcoming your self
imposed limitations
>  A success model to direct your mind towards the information you
want and need to become a master trader
>  A success model to deal with time management and getting things
>  Lessons of professional traders

Comments From Recent Participants:
"Your class offered insights to the trader that I have not seen anywhere else. Thanks
for the practical stories that you shared with us. There is no way a trader can sit
through your class and not be motivated to look deeper into oneself to discover some
of the demons that are holding one back."

"Your class was inspiring. As a psychiatrist, I can honestly say you have a healing
manner.You would have been equally fit to lead people out of their morass. That is a
true gift."

"Adrienne covered and synthesized so much material relevant to our functioning as
balanced and complete traders."

Recognizing 15 Sabotage Traps
Recognize the obstacles that are holding you back from making the money
your system wants to give you. Learn methods that will move you forward to
each new level of success.

Traders' Secrets                                                         
Learn the secrets of success that are common to highly successful traders.
This is a live in-person workshop for a fee. The website is updated with dates.
If you would like to schedule for your corporation, please email or call.

Discipline, Discipline, Discipline                             
Success Model for Discipline.

Overcoming Sabotage Traps                                 
Conquering the market is difficult, but conquering yourself is even more
difficult. Discover the self-sabotage that holds you back from your best

Evolution of a Master Trader
Learn the five categories towards attaining Trading Mastery & what it takes to  
get there. From the Into-Wishing Trader to the Master Trader, there are
challenges to overcome to get to each next new level of success.  In this
webinar Adrienne will discuss each trader category & what is necessary to face
the challenges towards becoming a Master Trader.

An Evening With Adrienne
In this webinar you will be given a choice of 30 typical questions that traders have
frequently asked in workshops and seminars all over the world.  You can either
choose to ask these questions of Adrienne, ask questions in your own
way or ask entirely different questions.  

The benefits of this webinar are:
> You will have an opportunity to have a world famous trader’s coach answer
your questions about the psychology / discipline of trading.
> You will have an opportunity to hear other traders’ questions and issues that  
could trigger a breakthrough in understanding about some of your own issues.

Modeling Top Traders - The Heart & Mastery of a Trader
This webinar is about what it takes to produce the heart of a trader in order to
become a Master Trader. We will discuss: What you do not need to become a top
trader; the journey of several traders who became master traders and what they
had in common; an overall view of the qualities necessary to become a top trader;
the characteristics of the heart of a Master Trader; what it takes to have true grit
in maintaining trading success.

All About Losses
It has been said that good traders know how to generate profits but that great
traders know how to handle losses.  In this workshop you will learn: 15 reasons
traders lose money in the markets; 5 methods for overcoming issues of loss; your
options after a loss.  

Resistance Workshop for Traders
Resistance is one of the key factors in self-sabotaging profits in trading. We
resist when we feel uncomfortable about our choices either because we do not
trust ourselves or we do not trust our strategy.  This webinar is about identifying
when you are resistant to acting on a good opportunity and what specifically you
can do to overcome this form of self-sabotage.
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