E-BOOK # 1 - A Lesson a Day for Traders - $15  

For those traders who have just 5 minutes a day
to improve their trading lives.

170 pages, 73 lessons
(now included in the Home Study Course)

E- BOOK # 2 - A Lesson a Day for Traders - $15

Additional lessons for traders
to improve their trading lives

180 Pages, 63 Lessons
(now included in the Home Study Course)


For Activating the Energy Centers of your body

(DVD & Bonus CD)

SHAMAN - The Novel (Just Released) - $24.95
Great Gift!  Great Vacation Read!

Shaman is a metaphysical adventure novel (that has nothing to do
with trading). It was written by myself and Antonia Weeks.
The year was 2001, a tumultuous time that brought extraordinary
events and troubled people together under the influence of a
mysterious and charismatic Shaman.

"What a fabulous book. Shaman opens the heart, the mind, the
spirit and the soul by inspiring and provoking thought, emotion and
energy.  It takes us to another reality that may, in fact be the ultimate
reality, which forms  the basis of our underlying life force."  
Jake Bernstein, Network Press
Home Study Course & Other Products
Adrienne Toghraie, Trader's Coach
"After receiving and reviewing your products, I find it difficult to
adequately express how pleased and grateful to you I am with what you
have presented. It seems that wherever I randomly open your books, I
am riveted to valuable insights.  I'll be reading and re-reading your
material.  There is much more to it than
'trading specific recommendations"
- T. Fox
The Course consists of ALL  of the following
5 modules - detail below

Module 1 The Trader's Secrets Package
Module 2 The Discipline Package
Module 3 The Winning Edge Package
Module 4 The Business Plan Package
Module 5 The Motivational Package
MODULE 1 The Traders Secrets Package - $200

How much money would you earn if you did not sabotage your efforts?
Adrienne will personally pinpoint the issues that sabotage your trading.

> Trader's Secrets - Book - Model studies of 14 successful traders
> Trader's Evaluation - Pinpoint sabotage with 20-40 min consultation
> Stress Relief for Traders - CD - Set your mind for a good trading Day

MODULE 2 The Discipline Package - $150   

The bottom line, of course, is, are you making money? The next line up
is, do you have a good life as a trader?

> The Winning Edge 1 - Book - Discipline guide for earning more profits
> Getting More Out of Life - Book - Model for planing & balancing your life
>  Discipline 1 - DVD - A model for discipline

MODULE 3 The Winning Edge Package - $150   

What if you had a good foundation for discipline and just kept growing
from there?

> The Winning Edge 2 - Book - Psychological coach in a book
> Six Steps to Greater Success - DVD - Success to each next level
>  Discipline 2 - CD - How to follow your rules in trading

MODULE 4 The Business Plan Package - $150

A good business plan is a key factor in a trader's success. It makes
him more accountable to himself.

> The Winning Edge 3 - Book - Coaching to excellence
> Business Plan - Work Book - Detailed plan for your trading business
> Business Plan - DVD - Guide to putting together your business plan

MODULE 5 The Motivational Package - $150   

Would you like a guide to overcome a host of trading problems?
AND, be motivated towards a new level of success?

> The Winning Edge 4 - Book - Overcoming more trader problems
> Discipline 3 - 2 CDs - Motivation and relaxation
> Trading On Target - E-Books #1 and #2
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